Providing a breadth of experience across multiple I.T. practices to enable our clients ideas and objectives

Our Service

JDU provides bespoke development solutions for a wide variety of industries across the globe. Specializing in planning and developing solutions for any technological platform or medium is our forte and we're always up for a challenge.

We provide a breadth and wealth of experience and knowledge in developing software that meets a wide and varied cross-section of applications. From Humanitarian to Financial, JDU builds, extends and integrates systems that ensures that the software you're left with solves your problem rather than forcing it into the wrong size shoe.

We don't have a product and we don't sell boxed solutions that force your project to conform to pre-established, set-in-stone workflows and pipelines. We build systems and applications that are modeled exactly to your needs.

We scale, our staff are located all over the world and each is an expert in their respective fields. We actively pursue people who show extraordinary abilities in learning, growth and research so that we can pick up new technologies as the market changes.


Web, Applications, Desktop, Mobile, Systems, Integrations


Managed Hosting, Dev Ops, SCM, Automation, Database Systems, Cloud Systems, Systems Monitoring


Project Management, Scope and Requirements, Risk Analysis, Cost Analysis


Data Analysis, ETL, Data Warehousing

Our Clients

JDU prides itself on the quality and complexity of our client base. We build projects for a wide variety of industries and service providers.

We Thrive on Partnership

If you're an agency, business or otherwise that needs the progressive power of an experienced development team minus the overhead of hiring internally, contact us.

Partner Tools

We provide tools that are built to make working with us as easy as possible. Through our Project and Account management system you can get access to up-to-the-minute information about project status, billing, hosting and more.


No need to worry about hosting, setting up services for your clients like email and FTP. We'll handle all the bits and pieces of putting together a complete solution for your end clients.

Behind the Scenes

We don't brand or otherwise force you to display our logo and branding anywhere on your project (unless you want us to). For all intents and purposes, your clients will never know we're here. We provide articles, knowledgebase access and more to our partners in order to arm you with the tools necessary to run a successful small to moderately complex project.



We provide projects in a variety of language choices, everything from Python, C#, PHP, C++ and more can be used as the underlying application language.


If possible, in order to reduce costs and development time we will recommend easily customizable software solutions that may support portions of your desired functionality or expedite the development of your project. In these instances we prefer to support OpenSource projects ike Django, Joomla!, Wordpress, Flask, CodeIgniter and other well known and popular application development frameworks and solutions.


We're as comfortable in Linux as we are in Windows. Clients shouldn't be forced to alter infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of hired developers. We build, configure and deploy systems and infrastructure that will integrate easily with any existing systems you may have available or in such a way that it will allow your business grow and evolve without having to make large overarching changes to architecture changes.


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We're Looking For People

At JDU we're always looking for new talent to fill positions, if you think you'd be a good fit and you're in the U.K. or Canada why not drop us a line with your info, resume and some work samples.

We may get you to do a little programming test depending on what position we're looking to fill at the moment. Nothing that will take more than an hour or so though!

Must Haves

No matter what position you're applying for, here are some of the things we like to see in a candidate

  • Experience with Git SCM
  • A willingness to Learn
  • Good Communications Skills in English (Written/Verbal)
  • Ability to adopt new technologies

Current Positions

Sorry, we're not looking for anyone at this time, but feel free to email us your resume at